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"I have used many different types of hair lightener (for around 15 years!) & this has to be the best ever- the coverage was great & able to put on evenly so easily."

This product will transform your hair from mousey blonde or dark brown to cool Platinum Blonde in 60 minutes, without causing damage to your hair

Step 1
An effective, but gentle hair lightening formulation designed to permanently remove colour pigments from your hair.
Whether your hair colour is mousey blonde, medium blonde or light/dark brown, your hair could be lightened by up to seven shades.
The longer you leave the mixture on, the lighter the hair result will be (up to a maximum 60mins).
Step 2
Apply like a conditioner, the sachet of platinum intensive conditioning toner will correct any brassy yellow tones and recondition the hair follicles, leaving the hair a radiant, silky smooth and healthy shine.

How to Use

How to dye your hair blonde from brown (Full instructions provided in pack).
Start with unwashed hair.
Always do a skin and strand test.
Place a towel around your shoulders and divide hair into 4 sections, front to back and ear to ear.
Wearing gloves provided, in a non-metallic bowl, mix activator cream with the powder to form a creamy paste.
Apply to each section evenly, swiftly, using brush provided.
Comb through, cover with cling-film and allow time to develop (Max. time 60 minutes).
Rinse thoroughly, and towel dry.
Apply the Platinum toner as a conditioner.
allow to develop.
Rinse, dry and style.


Smart Lightening Powder x 2.
Smart Activator/Developer Cream x 2.
Protective Gloves.
Application Brush.
Instruction Leaflet.
Sachet of Platinum Toner.
Step-by-step illustrated instructions.


Will it damage my hair?

No any moisture or protein loss will compensated by the platinum toner conditioner which will restore the hair condition.
How long will blonde hair last?
Step 1, will remove colour from your hair permanently. Signs of regrowth will depend on how quickly your hair grows, and how different the colour change is. The toner will fade and for best results, refreshed every 2-3 washes.
Can you buy extra toner sachets?
You can refresh the Platinum Toner as required, extra sachets can be purchased from this store.
How many packs do you need?
1 x Pack for hair shorter than 20cm or root touch-up
2 x Packs for hair longer than 20cm
3 x Packs for long hair or multiple applications
Contains peroxide and persulfates
If you have suffered from a reaction to lightening products, do not use.7

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