Red Hair Dye - Permanent - Semi Permanent - Temporary - Refresher

High-quality red hair dye for you to try at home - dare you to embrace this passionate hue?

Rising star Emma Stone is setting Hollywood alight with her red locks - she changes hair colour often but frequently returns to red. English Games of Thrones star Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) is naturally blonde but seen more in red than any other hair colour - she has been quoted as saying "... now I think that reds have more fun!" Our Real Red Permanent hair dye will give a distinctly red colour but in a more natural hue than some of the brighter reds in our product range. 
Singer Rihanna often switches from her black natural hair colour to a fire-engine red that brings out her caramel skin tone and amber eyes beautifully. Use Fiery Red Permanent hair dye to achieve a similar effect although if your hair is very dark you may get more vibrant results by lightening your hair first - all of it or sections for a highlights look.
To revitalise red hair use our colour refreshers in vibrant or rich tones. Or if you think you'd like to take on the challenge of red but aren't sure if it will suit you, try our temporary coloured hair sprays in pink, plum, intense red or even glitter!
Our Intense Reds Highlights product that has been so popular has unfortunately been discontinued as a result of the new EU Cosmetic Directives. We're happy to embrace that decision as Smart Beauty is all about allowing you to express your creativity in complete safety, with the highest quality products. The alternative we are suggesting to clients is lightening then applying Intense Red Semi-Permanent. For best colour result, find the best red hair dyes from our long lasting bright red permanent hair dyes.