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Ombre is the go to style if you want to subtly update your current hair colour. Despite being first noted as a hit trend over five years ago, it is still fresh and relevant right now. It works and looks amazing on all hair hues.
Zoella the vlogger, blogger and author has had ombre hair for a long time, and is the one to look up to if you want to see how to pull off the ombre look. Other celebrities such as actresses Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Biel and model and style guru Alexa Chung, and many more have also gone for an ombre dip-dye style. This style allows a freedom as to how bold you want the ends of your hair.
You can start at the mid-length, like Drew Barrymore, or you could just dip-dye the very tips of your hair, and emulate Lily Aldridge’s chic model vibes. It is also perfect for those of you who want to experiment with dyes without having to commit to dying your full head. To help you decide, on this page Smart Beauty gives you a choice –  you can either go for a bleach blonde dip-dye, or a more subtle, natural blonde colour. How to colour your hair at home?

All our Smart Beauty products offer a professional and safe approach to home dying, with easy-to-follow instructions that lead to results that will make you look and feel like you’ve had the full salon experience. How to Ombre hair at home?