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This is the best and easiest bleach I've come across. Doesn't smell bad either. The powder is very fine and dissolves easily into the developer cream, so there are no lumps. Goes on smooth and clings to the hair without spillages or mess"
Raquel - Customer

This is a gentle hair bleach for customers who have light brown or dark blonde hair or fragile hair who want to go light blonde
This kit is specifically designed to permanently remove natural pigments or applied hair dye.
Use to lighten hair before applying pastel hair colour, semi-permanent hair dye or dip-dye and highlights.
Each application lightens your hair by up to four shades whether your natural hair colour is medium blonde or light brown.

How to Use

How to dye your hair blonde from brown (Full instructions provided in pack).
Start with unwashed hair.
Always do a skin and strand test.
Place a towel around your shoulders and divide hair into 4 sections, front to back and ear to ear.
Wearing gloves provided, in a non-metallic bowl, mix activator cream with the powder to form a creamy paste.
Apply to each section evenly, swiftly, using brush provided.
Comb through, cover with cling-film and allow time to develop (Max. time 60 minutes).
Rinse thoroughly, and towel dry.


Ultimate Bleach-it; Smart Lightening Powder.
Smart Activator/Developer Cream.
Pair of protective Gloves.
A good quality application brush.
Detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions.


Will using Bleach-it damage my hair?
Smart Blonde Bleach-it hair bleach is a salon professional formulation. As bleaches go it is extremely gentle. The smell is light and it contains an agent that re-hydrates the hair leaving it wonderfully soft.
How long will blonde hair last?
Hair bleach will remove all colour from your hair permanently. Signs of regrowth will depend on how quickly your hair grows, and how different the colour change is. The variant could be between 4 - 8 weeks.
How many packs will I need?.
1 x Pack for hair shorter than 20cm or for root touch-up,
2x Packs for long hair or multiple applications.
Contains Peroxide and Persulphates<br>

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