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Smart Beauty metallic graphite permanent hair dye kit is perfect for adding soft pastel tone to very light or bleached blonde hair.
Our metallic grey hair colour formulation contains Nio-Active technology which deeply penetrates the hair during the colouring process to prevent damage, leaving the hair soft, smooth and shiny.

For full head application (Thick or hair longer than 20cm may need two packs)
Giving perfect grey coverage, lasting up to 28 washes
Suitable for Vegans

How to Use

How to achieve a vibrant Metallic Graphite Grey colour? (Full instructions provided in pack)
Start with natural light blonde or pre-bleached, unwashed hair
Always do a skin and strand test
Place a towel around your shoulders and divide hair into 4 sections, front to back and ear to ear
Wearing gloves provided, empty the tube of colour cream into the application bottle and shake until thoroughly mixed 
Apply to each section evenly, swiftly, using the nozzle
Comb through and allow time to develop (Max. time 40 minutes)
Rinse thoroughly, and wash with colour safe shampoo
Rinse, dry and style


Tube of Metallic Graphite colour cream
Developer Cream - activator
Pair of Protective gloves
Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions
75ml developing lotion, gloves and instructions. Smart Beauty products are made in the EU.


Will it damage my hair?
This unique Metallic Graphite Grey formulation deeply penetrates the hair during the colouring process, providing strength and protection.
How long will the colour last?
This is a permanent colour
Do I have to bleach my hair?
If you already have very light blonde hair then no, but if you have yellowish, muddy blonde, brown and darker hair, then you will end up with a very faded colour. While that looks fine generally, a lot of people are disappointed with how it turns out and don't like it.
If my hair is yellowish blonde, do I need to re-bleach it?
Yes, you will, for example, pastel blue on yellowish blonde would result in green hair.
Should I bleach my dirty blond hair if I want to dye it a pastel colour?
Yes, you should. If you try to dye it pastel now, you will either end up with a darker colour or a muddy colour.
How long should I wait after bleaching to add pastel colour?
You can do colour right after, for best results apply to dry hair.
How do I refresh the colour?
Simply reapply the colour to clean dry hair, following the instruction in the pack.
Can the colour come out easily?
For best results use a bleach bath.
How many packs do I need?
If your hair is thick or long, two packs may be required
How long is the development time?
Approx. 40 minutes.

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