Brunette Hair Dye with Chestnut, Warm Brown or Copper Brown

Bored of being a mousy brown, wishing you had a deeper, richer, sexier hair shade? Then stop the hunting and search under this brunette section to find a selection of brown tones from a toasty chestnut, through cool copper, to a marvellous mahogany.
Look to Lana Del Rey to give a perfect example of a beautifully rich mahogany brunette. Lana Del Rey’s mahogany locks look incredible when she uses her staple dark ruby red lipstick. The darkest shade of brown mixing with a hint of a subtle red creates a once in a lifetime warmth to your hair.
Contrastingly, our copper is the lightest shade of brown we offer, creating a delicate gorgeous, gingery quality to your hair. For this colour, channel your inner La La Land as the main actress, Emma Stone, who is not afraid to experiment when it comes to her hair, pulls it off like no other, and you could do the same. Another shade Smart Beauty offers is chestnut. This is a definitive brunette colour and one that you can see on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.Her sense of style is something you will definitely want to emulate! If any of these colours are attracting your attention then Smart Beauty is here to help.
We offer hair refreshers for all of these specific tones, as well as a dark, warm brunette shade if you want a bold brown. For all of these refreshers, use them to top up and alter your current colour, working as a conditioner would create perfect glossy hair quality.