The biggest temporary hair trends spotted on the summer festivals

July 15, 2019

The biggest temporary hair trends spotted on the summer festivals

Apart from four fashion week seasons, there is another special one - music festivals season. Festival fashion influences our everyday appearances or at least inspires our Friday night looks  - it's all about bold makeup, brave outfits and, of course, colourful hair!

The next 2 months are packed with exciting music events - Creamfields, South West, Leeds & Reading are just a few to name, and you should be fully prepared! Read on to explore the summer's biggest festival hair trends and browse temporary hair dyes to recreate them. 


Neon green hair

Neon green hair colour

Billie Eilish might not be the only one who loves fluorescent green, but she is definitely a trend-setter for this colour in 2019! She started from wearing bright green outfits and ended up colouring her roots in neon green too, and that’s a fun idea.

How to: use Emerald Green Temporary Hair Color Spray for your roots to copy Billie Eilish green hair.

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This trend is available for any gender - a temporary green hair dye on men is a thing too!



Colourful space buns

Coloured space buns hair

Baby spice buns have made a full comeback a few years ago, but this year it has a new twist -  ladies add some colour to them with a temporary hair spray.

How to: part your hair down the middle and create 2 high pigtails. Tease your tails to add more volume and twist them into ropes, then coil the ropes into buns. Fixate with a pin. Then, apply a temporary hair colour of your choice on top of your buns. Mist them with a hairspray or glitter spray. Voila!



Victoria’s Secret model Lais Ribeiro has rocked Passion Plum space buns at Coachella 2019:


Glitter hair spray

Glitter hairspray

Glitter is the hottest festival trend of all times, and it ain’t going anywhere! Yet, hair glitter can be a bit messy, and you may find yourself cleaning your clothes and carpets after using it. Save yourself a bit of time and switch to a glitter hair spray - it’s easy to apply and remove, and not messy at all. Add it to your roots or parting, apply on buns/fishtails or simply spray it all over your hair.

How to: choose between red, silver or gold glitter and spray it onto your hair like you would hairspray. Glitter spray will not only give a sparkle to your hair but also provide some hold and add texture.

Not sure how to remove glitter from your hair? Smart beauty glitter hairspray washes out with a simple shampoo, but to make sure everything is out, use a deep cleansing shampoo.



Blorange - pink and orange colour mix

Pink orange hair colour

Another trend alert - the mix of orange and pink hues, or Blorange. As said on Harpers Bazaar, "it's like peach, rose gold, and pink hair all rolled into one". 

How to: apply Neon Pink and Orange Sunset semi-permanent hair dyes in chunks. Semi-permanent colour lasts longer than a temporary one, but still, it doesn't stay forever - just up to 4-5 shampoos. Just remember that your hair should be bleached to get the exact colours.

And if you want it for just one night, use Rich Auburn and Hot Pink temporary hair sprays. 



You can also create a Pink Sunset Ombre using pink on the roots and pastel orange on your ends. 


Need more inspiration for your festival look? Browse our temporary hair colours and glitters, we have plenty!

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